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4 past and present chairmen of SCU1959 matrics celebrate their 50th anniversaryalumnae in the Cathedral for St Cyprian's Day


“Not for school but for life” is the Union’s mission statement, taken from that of the All Saints Sisters who first ran St Cyprian’s School.

Our objectives are: to promote fellowship amongst St Cyprian’s alumnae through maintaining a worldwide network of members; to maintain a relationship with the school family and help to uphold the traditions and values of the school; to grow and administer a fund to provide bursaries for qualifying students who need financial aid; this to be achieved without any personal gain to its members.

To achieve our objectives, we hold a breakfast with matrics and their parents to talk about the Union; we organise occasional tea parties for older alumnae particularly to celebrate special landmarks; reunions of various kinds are also held all around the world; for St Cyprian’s Day we help the co-ordinators of reunions and also help with a walkabout at school the day before and a party after the St Cyprian’s Day celebrations and our AGM; we keep in touch with the PA; we send out a quarterly newsletters giving news of the school’s activities as well as our own. The Union also fund raises for specific projects,  we have almost filled the Chapel with tapestry kneelers and our latest project has been to raise funds for the tiles that are being made so that the Chapel roof can be repaired.

The Union is run by a committee based in Cape Town and meets at least once a quarter. The present chairman is Sue Townsend.

Contact the Union by sending an email to